Friday, November 1, 2013

Playground, chapter 7 - final rendering

This is where all the elements come together. Thanks to Anna for her great designs.
My goals were to create a somewhat plausible cartoon world, and an interesting composition that a viewer could become lost in for a few seconds: something more personable than the typical product shot that I usually do.

Design influences for this project include illustrator Mary Blair, Dr. Seuss drawings, Matisse compositions, and existing playground sculpture.

composite, before & after adjustments
To reduce rendering time and provide greater control over adjustments, the scene was divided into 4 layers of depth which were each rendered separately. To merge the layers back together, I picked up some new compositing tricks, including spill control and light wraps.

equipment design, children's clothing and hair, modeling by Anna
landscape design, children's faces and poses, modeling, and rendering by Greg
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