Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Playground, chapter 6 - kids

playground kids, studio rendering
These children are the last remaining models needed for our playground project.
Anna designed their hair and clothing. I designed their faces.

deformation skeletons
The children models were given deformation skeletons which allow the head, spine, and limbs to be bent into different poses. Since each character is only being posed twice and not animated, these rigs are very basic.

maps rendered separately
Geometrically, all the children's heads are identical, but each was provided with 3 texture maps to create a unique face.
The diffuse map adds the color.
The specular map determines the amount and color of reflectivity on different parts of the face. Smooth and wet surfaces like the eyes and lips get a brighter color, to create more shininess. Porous surfaces like the skin get a dark color which creates more of a matte surface.
The normal map changes the direction that the lighting is coming from on parts of the face, which results in a mimicry of sculptural detail.

Next, they'll be imported into the playground scene, where they'll undergo final adjustments to textures and poses. Below is a preview rendering test.

dancer preview

next: final rendering
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