Thursday, December 26, 2013

FedEx animation

I few years ago, I did some animation for a series of FedEx industrial videos. This was another low-budget job, so I only had a few days to work on each one.
Reviewing one of these videos a few months ago, I determined that the character animation was interesting enough to justify a rendering enhancement and subsequent publication to my Vimeo account.

frames from original animation
Here are some frames from the original animation that I delivered for rendering 2 years ago. This was my starting point for creating this new version (see video above). The biggest addition is the warehouse interior with delivery trucks.

glow mask, before & after
To add optical effects in the compositing program, 3 passes were employed from the modeling program:
  • a reflection pass to accentuate the highlights
  • a mask for applying glow to the words
  • a mask for applying light-wrap to all foreground elements
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