Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wonder Warthog, part 11 - hair & fur

(I'm redesigning, modeling, and rigging Gilbert Shelton's classic cartoon character, "Wonder Wart-Hog.")

"flow it, show it"
The modeling of the head is 95% complete, which means I'll continue adjusting it while moving on to other body parts. It still needs to be rigged, but that comes much later. Rigging, in this case, is making the eyes, mouth, and ears moveable, so they can be animated.

Whenever you see a detailed painting or sculpture and wonder "how did they do it," the answer is simply hundreds or thousands of hours: planning, researching, designing, modeling, and other gerunds.

dynamics adjustment

The hair and fur are dynamic. This means the hairs will react to forces like gravity, head movement, and other dynamic objects. The above video shows some of the tests used to see if the hair is moving in a natural way.
... Still much to do.

next: hands ✌
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