Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hotel Righi video, part 6 - landscaping

(The Hotel Righi [ree-gee] project was a set of renderings I collaborated on back in 2007. Now that I have some free time, I'm turning it into a short fly-through video.)

Glion + trees

By using a scatter system, I was able to paint trees across the terrain in an afternoon. Without the scatter system, it would have taken many days to place these thousands of trees, and the file size and memory requirement would have become unwieldy.

one low-poly tree

For distances between a few hundred feet and a mile, I scattered 14,500 low-poly trees. Each tree consists of 2000 triangles, which might seem like a lot, but a typical close-proximity tree model can have 200,000+ triangles.

I abandoned the goal of creating a level-of-detail system - which swaps high and low meshes depending on camera distance - as it didn't seem necessary.

frame 685, model
(click to enlarge)

frame 685, render
(click to enlarge)

All the vast, faraway components are in place and 90% finalized. The remaining stages take place within the newly-modeled, ridge-top village of Glion.

next: details, details
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