Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hotel Righi video, part 5 - low-poly buildings

(The Hotel Righi [ree-gee] project was a set of renderings I collaborated on back in 2007. Now that I have some free time, I'm turning it into a short fly-through video.)

quasi-Montreux, Switzerland; frame 581, cropped
(click to enlarge)

quasi-Glion, frame 794

 These low-mesh buildings, ranging from 5 to 120 polygons each, were developed for camera distances between a quarter of a mile and a mile.

 mesh & texture files

For ease of production, one texture file contains all of the building photos. Most of the maps were captured by snapping pictures of Montreux and Glion in Google street view, so that the towns might have some similarity to the real thing.

next: low-poly trees
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