Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wonder Warthog, part 2 - anatomy research

(I'm redesigning, modeling, and rigging Gilbert Shelton's classic cartoon character, "Wonder Wart-Hog.")

anatomy study, torso detail

Since this character will be less cartoony than the characters I've previously interpreted, I need to refresh my knowledge of anatomy.

anatomy study, torso (click to enlarge)

anatomy study, legs (click to enlarge)

I sketched these in Photoshop, using interactive 3D models as reference. Drawing is a fun and easy way to memorize a subject. This is also an opportunity to refine my fluidity with the digital drawing tablet long before it's needed to sculpt and texture the warthog.

photos of phacochoerus

I want my interpretation to look a little more like a warthog than the original, so I've collected many warthog photos for study. Some of these might also be useful for texturing.

next: design
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