Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wonder Warthog, part 1 - concept

Wonder Wart-Hog, by Gilbert Shelton

When I practice character creation, I like to take inspiration from existing designs and re-fashion them. I don't care to create wholly original characters, possibly because characters I'm familiar with - through years and stories - already seem real; so there's more emotional attachment throughout the project.

Felix the Cat, by Otto Messmer & me, respectively

My first complex character (facial rig, etc.) was a redesign of the flapper-era Felix the Cat, created by Otto Messmer, Pat Sullivan, and Bill Nolan. My Felix is a melding of 1924 and 1930 versions of the feline. Someday, I'd like another crack at him, utilizing more cat-like features, including fur.

Hot Stuff, by Warren Kremer & me, respectively

In the mid-1950s, Hot Stuff was created by Jim Miele, Alfred Harvey, and Sid Jacobson, as a demonic version of Casper the Ghost. My Hot Stuff was based on the earliest designs of the character, but with slightly more realistic features and proportions. I'd also like another crack at this character, again with more realistic features.

Wonder Wart-Hog, by Gilbert Shelton

Wonder Wart-Hog was created by Gilbert Shelton in 1961. Despite the name, "the hog of steel" was a Superman parody, not a Wonder Woman parody. Unlike Superman, Wonder Wart-Hog was ugly, reckless, and easily manipulated.

next up: research
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