Thursday, April 23, 2009


detail from enhanced version

I worked on this spa project last autumn for Shigeru Ban Architects. It ended before lighting could be designed, so I'm now adding lighting to create a composition that I'll be happier with.

rough progress rendering

This was my first submission for the original project: an incomplete progress image.

completed geometry

The rest of the architecture was filled in. The client asked that the camera be pulled back to reveal the skylight, and that the chaos be reduced (see below). Although the cylindrical waterfall was in their design, they felt it dominated the composition; so it was removed.

final commissioned rendering

Lighting was adjusted and people were added. This was the last rendering sent to the client before the project ended.

photo of scale model

Now I finally have time to create an image from this project that I'm a little happier with. Lighting design was never finalized for this room, so I simply appropriated the lighting layout from photos of an early scale model.

my version (click for large)

Here's my revised composition. With all that's going on in this image, it took many days to test-render, render, and then patch-render; so this wouldn't be a practical rendering for the typical small job. Maybe in another 5 years, after the CPU tech has caught up....
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