Friday, August 1, 2014

Playground, chapter 8 - second version

children, before/after
Nine months after completing the Playground, Anna and I agreed to have another go at this rendering, to create a more interesting version and solve all the problems we have with its quality.

First, we created new hair textures and a new skin shader for all the children, which makes them look less like plastic. I'm using overcast lighting this time, primarily so the children's faces are easier to distinguish.

details from design sketch
Here are some of the other changes we're planning:
  • add more foreground items: animals, clothing accessories, plants
  • articulate the children's fingers, so their hands can be more expressive
  • renovate the barn so it contributes more to the composition
  • model new distant hills with details like buildings, vehicles, and animals
  • create a larger variety of trees
  • paint a new cloudy sky to match the new lighting
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