Friday, January 2, 2009

Astana enhanced, part 5 - refined camera animation

(Astana was a hurried video project where a camera flies through 1300 acres of property. Now, to answer my question, "what if we'd been given more time," I'm enhancing the entire neighborhood.)

Happy New Year
Keyframing requires hundreds of notes and numbers, and a dope sheet is a good place to organize them. As animation progresses, this sheet will be adjusted and re-adjusted to represent increasing polish.

version 3 dope sheet
(red row means static camera;
green row means moving camera)

This video's camera focuses on static building sites, not on animated characters. Because of this, it's important to perfect the camera animation first, so there's no off-camera or mistimed character movement.

test video of segment 20

This stage of testing is only for gauging camera smoothness, so high-quality rendering is not necessary (and too time-consuming).
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