Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Astana enhanced, part 4 - cloud wipe & flying geese

(Astana was a hurried video project where a camera flies through 1300 acres of property. Now, to answer my question, "what if we'd been given more time," I'm enhancing the entire neighborhood.)

The new video begins inside a cloud (white screen). In the first few seconds, the cloud moves off-camera to reveal geese flying above the city.

version 1 opening

version 2 opening

version 3 opening
(3 seconds in, exiting cloud)

version 3 opening
(8 seconds in)

enhancement to-do list, updated:
  • remodel island as a short hill (currently flat)
  • boats
  • day-to-night animation (sun, windows)
  • adjustments to camera animation
  • refine landscaping in close-ups (modeled grasses, flowers, bushes)
  • keep adding detail to unpopulated terrain
  • animated people, dogs, birds, trees, cars, water, & 1 deer
  • reflections on all windows
  • ambient sound effects
  • ambient music track
  • motion blur & depth-of-field(?) in post
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