Sunday, January 2, 2011

Testing the Waters, ep. 5 - mixing paint

(experiments in fluid dynamics)

making a mess

The sister project of the immiscible test (ep 4) is this miscible test. Although I'm 80% happy with the results, it's not an ideal solution because the particles in this simulation don't inherit the hue of particles they come in contact with. For example, orange-looking fluid will revert to yellow and red if its particles become isolated. This results in splotchy - rather than smooth - mixing.

Maybe someday a better solution will be available. I'll keep looking.

DOF, before & after

Because of the distance between bowls, this was a good scene for introducing depth of field (DOF). Like motion blur and specular highlights, this is another blur-based post effect that raises the level of realism. DOF is usually the only post channel that I animate, as the focal distance often needs to bounce from object to object.

mixing video

Yes, the floor is moving in this animation. I wanted to see full room lighting in this video without the extra modeling and rendering time, so I used my IBL image for a background. Consequently, it doesn't line up with the geometry. It's just a test, so NBD.
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