Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wonder Warthog, part 7 - final design

(I'm redesigning, modeling, and rigging Gilbert Shelton's classic cartoon character, "Wonder Wart-Hog.")

 front view

These are the final design illustrations before modeling begins, and they'll act as guides in the modeling program. Within these drawings, I collect any accumulated info that I want to transfer to the character model. This includes my final head design, anatomical data, and costume info. The head (below) was the most challenging component to create, as it had to be invented.

bones (click to enlarge)

First, I drew the bones and muscles. The bone guide is primarily for the placement of joint deformers. They won't actually be modeled, except maybe the skull and mandible as skin deformation objects.

 muscles (click to enlarge)

The muscle guide is used for modeling topology and for the placement of muscle deformers. The muscle labels ("latissimus dorsi," etc.) are to aid in-scene naming during the rigging process, as I don't yet have all the muscle names memorized.

skin and muscle layers,
combined on image planes

Here are some of the orthographic guides arranged in scene. Different images - skin, muscle, and bone sets -  will be swapped out depending on whether I'm modeling or rigging.

The contemporary superhero movie suit, which WW's outfit is based on, seems to be inspired by leather and latex bodysuits worn by motorcyclists and fetishists. (The earliest reference photo I found was of Emma Peel, a character from the 1960s Avengers TV series.)

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