Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Astana enhanced, part 15 - site G + deer process

(Astana was a hurried video project where a camera flies through 1300 acres of property. Now, to answer my question, "what if we'd been given more time," I'm enhancing the entire neighborhood.)

new version

old version

new version, detail

deer rig (click to enlarge)

deer UV map (click to enlarge)

As usual, dynamics and animation were devised by studying videos. In the 1940's, Disney Studios brought in live animals for the animators to study. Today, we have YouTube, where thousands of animal videos are available.

deer animation test

This is the last site (G) for the Astana project, but I still have a few more weeks of clean-up, animation tests, render processing and audio editing before it's finished.
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