Monday, December 15, 2008

Astana enhanced, part 1 - villas

Last summer, 3 of us were given a week to create a short video for a city development project, in which a camera flies through 1300 acres of property.

version 1

After some design revisions, I had an additional week to make the changes and whatever aesthetic additions I could squeeze in.

version 2

Now that the deadlines have passed, I'm revisiting the project to fix everything we didn't have time for the first 2 times. I'm starting by giving these villas a little more character.

old villas

version 3 begins
new villas

I might add some pools and gardens later, but that's very low priority.

enhancement wish list:
  • HD resolution
  • 30 fps
  • some adjustments to camera animation
  • more detail and variation on grasses and roads
  • sidewalks, curbs, streetlamps
  • animated sun, streetlamps, window light (day turns to night)
  • animated people, dogs, birds, maybe 1 deer, trees, cars, water
  • expand landscape to horizon
  • reflections on all windows
  • ambient music track
  • ambient sound effects
  • tall grass billboards replaced with modeled tall grass
  • bushes, flowers
  • boats
  • more topography, esp. around water
  • optical effects
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